Give LOVE Pin

Give LOVE Pin


Daily reminder to always Give LOVE.


This pin was created during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  At the same time, the Pandemic of Injustice for my people was, & is still going on.  After dealing with several losses, having countless friends & family impacted, & being in several sessions with clients who were struggling, I was reminded of my FAITH, & one of the Fruits of the Spirit being LOVE!  In her hand she holds a Heart.  Open & willing to share with all who come into her SPACE.  Her SPACE is sacred, & one that provides Healing & Hope through LOVE.


Enjoy this signature pin & add it to your jacket, bag, shirt...Queen put it anywhere!  Consider gifting this with LOVE to someone as well.



  • Pin Specs

    1 1/2" Tall x  2 " Wide

    Soft Enamel Pin

    1 Rubber back